Simplify your oil & gas investments.

Cloud-based Well Profits automates how you track and analyze royalty & mineral interests for family trusts, investment funds and individuals which helps free up your time.

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Leave manual data entry in the dust

The easiest way to understand your investment data in real-time without figuring out formulas, updating spreadsheets or wasting time.

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See your data in realtime

The Dashboard allows you to see the health of your investments with beautiful graphs and charts. From stats on your incoming revenue and expenses by month to date, year to date, last month and last year and your Profit & Loss totals, quickly scan for what’s important as soon as you log in.

Import data to track oil & gas

Directly import into Well Profits all of your owners, wells, property details and custom expense codes to set up the foundation for tracking data.*

*Import functionality available at Basic or higher plans.

Enter revenue & expenses

Once you have the foundation setup, you are ready to enter revenue from production receipts and expenses directly from your bills into the software. Import the data automatically if you are using the Basic or higher plan.

Create reports with intelligent data

Run reports based on the data entered to see exactly what your profit margins are. Professional level investors can design custom reports.

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